Jesse Eisenhardt, Director

A native of San Francisco, CA, Jesse Eisenhardt graduated from Duke University in 2001 and began his graduate film studies at the University of Southern California a year later. He made his first short film in high school and since then has directed comedies, dramas, horror films, health PSAs, and music videos. Recently, his short film "The Shattered" was selected as a finalist at the 2004 Shriekfest Film Festival in Hollywood.


Jeff Prugh, Producer

Jeff Prugh was born on October 23, 1977 in Tampa, Fl. Some eighteen years later, he left for the country music capital of the world, Nashville, TN, to play soccer and to study Spanish at Vanderbilt University. Bitten by all things film, he immediately made the migration westward the second the black cap caught flight. He now enters his third year in the graduate production program at USC, having learned much and worked plenty on numerous student and independent projects.


Holly Leigh, Producer

Holly Leigh began her college career in 2002 at the University of Denver. While Holly pursued a bachelors of science in management, she also swam for DU as a full-scholarship division one athlete. Although DU proved to be a wonderful institution, Holly felt her true passion was film. After two years in Denver, Holly made her way to the University of Southern California's Film School. Holly's major film production experiences started in high school when she created and managed a school news and current event program. Since then, Holly has been a producer for a three-series DVD special for college students, and for several other independent films in Denver. She now is a producer for a hip new show on Trojan Vision called "Only in L.A.".


Malona Voigt, Line Producer

Malona P. Voigt was born in 1977 and grew up in a small town in Northern Germany. She spent her junior year in high school in Houston, TX where she was first introduced to video production classes. In May 2002 she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Smith College, Massachusetts with a B.A. in Sociology. Currently, Ms. Voigt resides in Los Angeles where she is working to get her MFA in directing and production at the University of Southern California.


Dan Haas, Director of Photography

Daniel grew up in the San Francisco/Bay Area believing L.A. was probably the worst place on earth to live. He now calls Los Angeles home. After completing an M.F.A. in Film and Video Production at the University of Southern California with a focus on Cinematography, Daniel shot a spec commercial for Levi's, a sports show T.V. pilot and several short films in formats ranging from DV to High Def to 35mm. Recently he shot the independent HD feature "December Ends" in New York. He can be reached at 310-995-3501 or at


Greg Townsend, Assistant Director

Originally from Michigan, Greg's moviemaking plans got briefly sidetracked as he pursued a degree in mechanical engineering from MIT. After graduation, he went directly from Boston to Los Angeles to attend the USC School of Cinema-Television where he enjoys being a director, an assistant director, a sound editor and mixer. In addition to working on many of his classmates' thesis films, Greg has worked on independent films outside of USC including 'The Almost Guys' (2003) and 'Shallow Ground' (2004).


Ioana Uricaru, Editor

Borga Dorter, Editor

Tarik Solomon, Sound Designer

Sandy Vago, Casting Director

Rebecca Herron, Costume Designer

Nick Urbano, Production Design

Eva Robins, Makeup Artist

Rebecca Herron, Costume Designer

Arvin Chen, Storyboard Artist