Once upon a time... there existed the legend of a house, built by German immigrants in West Texas--rarely encountered, but much discussed. In this house, they claim, kids would enter and never be seen again.

Some say it was a funhouse, built for the amusement of the children. Some attribute the unsolved enigmas to supernatural forces. Others claim it was all an elaborate hoax.

What do the parents of the lost children say?

They say some legends are true.

Fast forward to modern day--four recent college grads on a road trip through Texas are about to discover, at the junction of the past and present, some mysteries are best left unsolved.

If these brave young journeymen can survive the dangers fate has placed in their path, they may learn the darkest secrets of the house--where are the children, and what on earth would engineer such dreadful cruelty?

A harrowing tale of horror and adventure, "Haus of Fun" tells the story of what occurs when the living meets the dead, when technology encounters antiquity, and when young innocence battles insane, soulless malevolence.

Written by Jesse Eisenhardt, "Haus of Fun" is a new feature length script which takes the "Schattenkind" story to new heights of terror.

For professional inquires about the script, please contact Jesse at jesse@whydoyouhide.net