One hundred and sixty years ago, a group of German immigrants started a settlement outside of San Antonio, Texas, which they called New Braunfels. The community consisted mainly of artisans and craftsmen, and for many years they lived in peace. That was until the children began to disappear.

They called them the "Schattenkinder"--"Shadow Kids". They disappeared without a trace, one by one. Investigations turned up nothing--not a single body was found and the mystery was never solved.

Fast forward to present day. A group of college graduates on a cross country road trip pass through New Braunfels and spend a night in an abandoned cabin. What begins as an open-road adventure quickly spins into a claustrophobic nightmare--in the middle of the night, a strange, sickly child appears out of nowhere... speaking German.

The reality of the legend rears its ugly head as this "Schattenkind" demands an answer to the question, how did he get here, and what does he mean when he says, "Sie kommt, sie kommt"--"She's coming. She's coming"?